Life's Instruction Manuel

Verse: My eyes are straining to see your promises come true. When will you comfort me? Psalm 119:82

Introductory prayer: God bring comfort today, tomorrow and forever. Amen

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." Psalms 119:105

Almost everything that we buy comes with an instruction manual- instructions on how to put it together and/or how to operate it. If you are wise, you'll read and follow the instructions. God has given us a manual too to help us get through life, it's called the Bible. The Bible is life's instruction manual.

If you don't have a bible, Get one. And read it. And if your in heartbreak hotel like so many of my friends are right now, try reading the Psalms. I identify with a lot of the emotions in Psalms. I like they they seem to be written for me. I like reading and say over and over again, "Wow this is written about me, my life, my situation." " I am Not alone in this".
Psalms, I understand were songs that were sung to express joy, pain, celebration, grief, elated happiness, confusion, fear and anger.  Just like today we listen to the radio and the words of a song really touch our heart, help us release stress in the form of tears or make us say "Yeah, just like that".  If you need to, you can go back up to the top and reread the two verses from Psalm 119. God did not leave you to figure this complicated life out all on your own. He gave you an instruction manuel.

You may not have ever read the bible in your entire life. Its ok.

With the bible you don't read it like a regular book.   I probably didn't read the 1st Testament also called the old Testament by Christians, for the first 15 years of my young Christian life. Don't get me wrong its the greatest adventure book ever written. Wrestling with Angles, Sex, people getting sold into slavery, lust, murder, greed, love stories like never before are written in there.  But its also very intense instructions that can be overwhelming.  If your reading the bible for the first time, try the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
If you want some great advise that comes in easy to swallow bites.. read  Proverbs.  The guy who wrote Proverbs asked God for wisdom instead of wealth. God was so impressed with his request, he made him the wise guy of all wise guys. This wisdom was written for us, for today. Its good stuff.

I have a story to share. Its a great memory.  Its my memory. My best friend in Elementary school was Kimbo,  her name has changed since then to KimMo.. anyways.... We wanted to have a sleepover. She wasn't allowed to have  a sleepover b/c she had to go to Temple on Saturday morning.  (somehow Saturday night didn't work out either)  So we promised to go to bed early and I would go to Temple with her on Saturday morning. We so did not go to bed early. She and her sister fell asleep on the living room couches instead of coming to bed in the wee hours. They stuffed their little bodies into their pillow cases (they were gymnasts) and shivered through the night. The next morning, I was wide awake and bushy tailed ready to go to Temple. I had no idea what to expect but it was better then sitting around waiting for my mom to find me some housework to do.
I will never forget the lesson. For the first time in my life I heard about the Egyptians using the Hebrew people as slaves to built their great city. For the first time I heard about the persecution the Hebrew people had to flee and how they were lead by Moses. And the teacher said he wasn't making this stuff up, it was real, it really happened. Not like fairy princess and dragons, this was the real deal. I was hooked. I wanted to know the ending of the story. I wanted to hear more.. but I didn't know who to ask or where to look. I think Kimbo slept throught the entire class.  She told me she had heard the story before.

I never asked her if she knew the end of the story. If she did, she didn't share it with me.. the big meanie. I love a great story teller.

I hope you are inspired to find a copy of the word of God. I pray that you read something that will resenate with you soul.  I believe God is good, I believe his word is good. I believe good comes to those who read his word. And I am going to end by stealing Steph's signature. YOU ARE LOVED.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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