Its what kind of bar????

Today's prayer: God thank you for allowing me to laugh at the silly things in life. Sometimes that just might be me. Amen

I drove into the city today. Tampa is not a big city but its bigger than the bitty city I live in.  I let Military Man do the driving while I view all the views.  I took a picture so you would believe me. I can't get the picture to upload from the phone to the computer, otherwise I promise you I would have it here for you.  But as hubby and I are coming out of the resturant, there it is, big as life.. a new bar in town. The name you ask? I kid you not... "The Blow Bar". Yeah you read that right.

This bar doesn't serve alcohol. There are no skimpy clad waitresses. This bar is not the new California bar that serves hash. You don't smoke illegal substances here by calling it "medication". This bar...blows your hair out... and styles you for a new look. No, No need for a degree here because they don't cut your hair... They just style your hair.  I guess "Get your Style On" or "New Looks" were already taken? So they had to grab your dirty mind and make you look. But are you that lazy that you can't do your own hair?
Is there really a culture of people out there that will pay someone to do their hair, makeup and nails... Oh yeah that would be our culture. 
We don't wash our own cars, do our own nails, cook our own meals anymore. We don't clean our own homes, wash our own clothes, or do our own taxes. (Ok, I don't do taxes, but thats b/c I have problems with numbers.) We have a service for everything and now to just style your hair. I just find this weird. But I don't put alot of energy in hair or makeup or nails.. so clearly I am not the target market and they don't care what I think. But I think its still funny to talk about. This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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