Renaming the days of the week

Lord teach me your ways so that I might know what the plan is for just this one moment. Amen

When my children where smaller than they are now.. a couple of years ago or more, I taught them the days of the week. I had forgotten about this until I was reading another blog about their "motivational Monday".

I told my kids "today is Monday and there is No moaning on Mondays".  Then I would proceed with, "No tears on Tuesday".  Absolutely "No whining on Wednesday".  With three days starting with NO's you need a few YES's in there. So Thursday was Thankful Thursday and Friday was Fastastical Friday.  So that leaves Saturday and Sunday.

Super Saturday? Silly Saturday... Manipulate it to however it fits for your household that day.  Sometimes its, "I AM SICK OF THIS Saturday".   Or maybe a "seriously need a do over Saturday"

Sunday.. I think I will name.... "Sing a New Song Sunday". Yeah I like it, its a keeper.

Because today is Saturday.. I am having a very Slow Saturday. I am still sipping my coffee, still in my pj's, scanning over my grocery list, slowly making plans for the week to come. Still writing the thoughts down here on my blog that bombard my mind. The wind chimes are blowing in the wind.. we are preparing for a winter blast coming down from the North.  (yesterday I had the air on in the car b/c I was hot) Florida weather is weird. I started my morning writing in my journal and saying my prayers. Started the red sauce on the stove. My boys went to get hair cuts. I love when they go get hair cuts, they look so clean and so handsome.

Well I have absolutely nothing to do, and will find everything to do. Enjoy your day.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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    That's a great idea to have a special name for the days of the week. I bet my son would have fun with that.