I am going surfing He is going turfing

Today is Military Mans birthday. He absolutely 100% does NOT celebrate his birthday. But I do. I tried to ignore it like he asked. I even forgot it. Then two days ago he calls me up and invites me to lunch. And not just any lunch but sushi lunch. And not just run of the mill, grocery store sushi lunch, but from a real sushi restaurant out to lunch, Lunch.  And I forgot so good about his birthday because he asked me not to celebrate that I had to ask him what was the special occasion. Really I had to ask him.. no lie.

Its inauguration day.  Well it is. If we were bringing in a new president, we would be doing it today, on Military Mans birthday.

Then after I am all excited about going, made plans for my  to do's to be done another day, He cancelled. Yeah, He says he is too busy. Too much work to do at work. This statement from the man that claims his job description is to "stand around and watch others work."

So I ate store bought brown rice run of the mill grocery store sushi for lunch today. I do not like brown rice and it covers up the delicate fish in the sushi. Leave Japanese food alone California and stop trying to granolize my sushi. While I was at the store, I bought myself a lobster tail and made some crab meat stuffing and I bought myself a stuffed scallop shell. Not one bit of these things does he like. Its my gift to myself and because he doesn't like it, I don't have to share.

Military Man is still the love of my life, and I forgive him for canceling on me. He is getting aged marinated steak, baked potato (extra green onions, sour cream) and baby portabellas in wine and butter sauce.  A fresh pan of brownies is cooling on the counter, whip cream awaits in the refrigerator. Cookie Dough Ice Cream is in the freezer along with real vanilla bean. It was BOGO today. My son is learning to love red meat so he might have to share his steak with Diesel Boy. Little bit is on my side and she will have fish sticks. I learned to eat seafood by starting on fish sticks too. Its good brain food. It leads to better things.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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