Good Monday Morning.

(If you seeing this again, its because Blogger erased all the words. Grrrrrr. I worked for over an hour on this post and now I can't even remember what I was telling you last night for this mornings post.)

So what are you having for breakfast this morning?
How about a big soft glorious chewy pretzel?
I got this recipe in high school. I think it was in home economics. I did much better in high school home economics than regular economics in college.  I started making these pretzels in high school. I haven't made them in 20 years. I don't know why I stopped making them, but it won't be another 20 years before I make them again.

This one was made just for military Man. Raisin Cinnamon. Then the last five min of baking, I pulled it from the oven, brushed on more butter and sprinkled it again with cinnamon sugar. That man loves me.

My Kids made these. They had a little help with the rolling out and shaping.

This was my pan, all of them. See the one in the left corner pocket? That is garlic parmesan. YUM.

Recipe to follow in a few hours, I have to take the kids to school.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off Again. Hopefully with words.


  1. ok to heck with calling your neighbor Laura next time you make these, call ME!

  2. You have been out of touch. No facebook, no phone calls, no emails. I never hear from you and Now you want pretzels? HA HA. Hopefully I will hear or see you on facebook early.