What books are you reading?

I was just on my Christian Women Journalers Group discussing books. We writers love to read books, edit books, underline and tab, quote books, recommend books and collect books.  Highly recommended for more times than I can count: Corrie Ten Boom: The Hiding Place.
 Have you read this book? I have been told it will really change you for the better.   Leave me your comments, I love a great book.
 Another one that I am really thinking about purchasing is: Bible Study for Writers by  Bagnull. I love bible study. I love bible study with other women the most. I don't always have the ability to go to or be a part of bible study. I would love to have the discipline to do a bible study at home... Not sure I can do it all by myself though. Thats what's holding me back about purchasing this book.. But that doesn't keep me from wanting it, to try it again.  This is what one reviewer wrote about the bible study for Writers. 

"Writers are insecure people. They are the only types that are compelled to pour out the depths of their hearts onto blank paper in hopes that they might be understood and accepted. These emotions, these perceptions, seem more secured locked in the drying ink upon the paper than flying free in the air. Whether it's because when writing they cannot be interrupted or, at least, immediately rejected, writers cannot merely speak these thoughts too deep for the fickle ear. They prefer the steady eye that reads their prose while they're off hiding someplace, safe and secure. Writers are more than insecure; they're actually quite eccentric.

Writers need help. They need nurturing. They need purpose and direction. They really need encouragement. And above all they need to learn to write a persuasive paper without overusing the word need."

Now I want to tell you about my Christian Women's Journaling Group. We are on Yahoo groups. You can find us with a search using those words. The Group has been very active since June 2001. Our most busy months you will read over 1000 posts, our slower months close to 300 posts. We are women who love to write, or want to learn to write for God, to God, about God or prayer and more. We use our Journals for devotion, art, scripture, learning, discovery and more. We are driven, called, pushed to write. We crave writing tools. We are women who learn from each other about different types of Journaling and how to stay active with our journaling. We learn to trust, to worship God in our journals, we learn to express ourselves... sometimes for the first time in our lives. There are artists, writers,moms, teachers, published writers, every day students of God. There are shared prayer concerns but we are not a prayer group, we are Journalers.. God defines that for us in our individual lives and we try to the best of our ability to worship HIM in all of it.
This is a group that is very defined and not for those wanting to try journaling for the first time, thinking that they will begin journaling by reading us. You either write, or you don't. Its just that simple.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.


  1. I so need to jump back in with you guys - you make me miss it when you write like that! I am still journaling regularly (probably more so these days now I have a baby than ever before), but struggle just to find time to blog - let alone try and keep up with that many posts each month :-(... but maybe I can try again!

  2. Oh Elizabeth, I do so hope you come back. I don't journal everyday. I don't post everyday. but I do pray every day and sometimes we just have to trust God and allow him to direct our paths.