First day off in two weeks

I love being a mom. I love being my children's mom. I love it. Today I love it way more than I did the past two weeks. Ok, I just love today. Today the kids went back to school. They were out of school from December 22 till today January 10th. That's nearly a month. This is my first day off in weeks.  In anticipation of today I bought myself a new mop head to replace the old nasty one. I also bought myself two bottles of toilet cleaner. They were BOGO at the store, my friend Missy would approve. You can find Missy at
I kept telling myself today was the day I was going to get my house in ship shape. I was excited to clean.....Then...
I started reading and catching up on all the blogs I haven't read in weeks. I got so many cool ideas. I started changing the look and use of my blog. (please tell me what you think)
Karen over at  did a neat post on bookshelves. So I took some pictures of my bookshelves. You may or may not see them in a post. Then I had to catch up on reading on my Christian women's journaling group, because I am a moderator after all. Moderators need to post too, right?
 I need to plan out what I am making for dinner this week, so off to   and I need to laugh at the recipes and sarcasm at (mom, don't read this one, it's not for you. Kim and Dot you will love this)
The artist in me needed some inspiration so I fell in love with Annie over at her site:   If you write or love alternative book ideas check out her site. Her beautiful journals are so much fun to look at. I wish I could met up with her and sit and chat and draw with her some day.
Finally there is my newest find. Beth Moore's blog. She is an amazing bible study leader. I am taking another one of her classes starting Tuesday.. tomorrow. So I will leave you with that last one to check out. Her blog site is  (Angie, this one is for you.)

Well now its dark and stormy outside. And there is nothing better to do then read books under the covers, all snuggled and cozy while its storming outside.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off, avoiding housework, reading blogs ect. ect. ect.


  1. Get to work Amy! LOL...I say this as I am sitting at my computer in my pjs and its 12:30!!
    Thanks for mentioning my blog! Way to go on saving some money on your cleaning supplies :)
    I will have to tell you more about my CVS trip when we talk.
    I love the new look...I need to learn to change mine.

  2. UGH! I spent the entire day in a PIP case! and you got to snuggle under the covers! No fair!

    btw you need to spell check your postings, "Writing about what God....." has a typo - and I didn't proof read the whole thing to check for all of them.

  3. Leave it up to anonymous to make a comment about my typo's. hee heee. You gave yourself away with the PIP case.