I love my kindle

I love my Kindle. Every month there are more free books to read. I read wonderful Christmas books all for free this month. Yes, the new Nook is out and in color. But unless your reading a childrens book that is printed in color.. you will still get black and white with almost all your teens and adults books. The Kindle is my time killer at the doctors office. First you have to sit in the waiting room, then you have to wait in the exam room, then you have to wait in between nurse taking your blood pressure and the doctor actually coming in.. Thats about 45 mins of reading I get done. The Nook is twice the price of the Kindle. Also look for a used one or a reconditioned one from Amazon.. That is what I did when I bought one for my neice for her high school grad gift.
I was at the phone store getting my new phone, when I overheard a girl say she was going to return her kindle. See you can buy it at a discounted price.

My Anniversary is Coming up. Amazon gift cards to purchase more books would be nice. hee hee.. hint hint.

So guess what Santa brought us this year...???
Wii Hardware Bundle - Red  I am not really into video games, I would rather read...on my kindle. But it is  fun to play a few different games with the kids. And its fun to watch two little kids hold onto the steering wheels and drive karts around. The intensity on their faces. I will have to take pictures of them, its really cute.  I am moving into the tech world. I didn't really want too. I like living in 1980 with my Pat Benatar hair do. But to continue to talk with you and keep up with the world, I have to move forward and learn to use the new fangled gagets. Why do we become so stagnat as adults? Only the techy boys in my life are on the cutting edge of the tech world.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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