Hurt, Anger and Rage-- Part I

(This is a serious post. My apologies to those who want to laugh. I am having my say today. )

Some eight months ago my neighbor got angry with me. He chose to lash out at me in the front yard, in front of my four year old daughter, in front of another neighbor. The words he cut with were said in anger, said to inflict pain and cause hurt. It worked. Instead of allowing me to talk after screaming at me in the front lawn, he slammed the door in my face.
Yesterday we came face to face once again. We did the pretend dance. We pretended in front of the children, in front of the mutual friends and in front of each other. I thought I was ok. I thought I had forgiven. The truth was I never got to say my peace.  The entire family moved away, out of state to become missionaries for God. Never did they give Military Man the respect of coming over to make amends or to ask for forgiveness. What I discovered yesterday was I still need my piece of peace. After several hours of tears and reliving the pain and hurt and embarrassment all over again yesterday.. I have decided to have my say. This is not for you Mr. T. This is not for anyone but me. I am allowed to use my blog. Its my free country. Its my free speech. Read on if you want... I am going to say what I needed to say to you eight months ago. I don't need you to respond or to ever read this.. I am going to move forward to healing and forgiveness and release myself from the angry bondage I am trapped in.

So Mr. T, You got to decide to lash out in anger in your front lawn in front of my four year old and in front of Mrs. F.  Lets present the facts shall we:

1. Your wife was paid every week for two years as a private teacher for both of my kids for daycare/preschool. It was a business that you ran out of your home.
2. As a family you decided to close the business and force all the parents to find other accommodations for our children.
3. I told you our last day would be April 1st.
4. I changed my mind, and took my child out three weeks prior to this date.
5. I informed your wife very quietly, tenderly that I was removing my daughter at the end of the week.
6. You never had anything to do with me or the school choices b/c your wife was the director/teacher.
7. You never asked me or my husband if we intended paying the money owed to you for the last three weeks.
8. We did not have a written contract.

Instead of verbally lashing out at me in the front yard, did you ever consider that you could have walked over to our house and asked to talk to us? Instead of screaming at me in front of my daughter, did you ever once think you should behave like a business man and conduct yourself accordingly? And how exactly were your actions glorifying God? My opinion is the state of Florida is better off without hypocrites like you. You disrespected Military Man by attacking me and not acting like a real man and coming to talk to him like a man, a neighbor, a friend and a client of your wife's school. Military Man's words are, grow a pair.
You never asked us why we decided to remove our daughter from your wife's school three weeks early. You accused me of planning some conspiracy with another mom. You told me, "I don't need your friendship, friends don't act like this, you are no friend of mine".  Lovely words for a Missionary Man dedicated to spread the Love of God. Its because of things like this that Christianity gets a bad rap.
Where is your faith in God, that HE would provide for you?
 You flipped out over $270.00 --which I would have gladly paid you b/c I was breaking -- My word!
I still wonder why your wife allowed you to "defend" her as you did. I wonder what kind of woman stands by her man and allows him to act like a complete and total ass to friends, neighbors in front of all the children? Not once but twice??

Let me tell you what I did after I left your front yard in utter shock. First I called the other mom, the last mom to pick up her child, the one you said I conspired with to "hurt your wife". I called her to warn her of your hateful words and to protect her child's ears from your wrath.  Second I called my husband and we agreed to make it our very last day that our daughter or us would have anything to do with you. We tore up the check we had written as a gift for your family to send you on a Bonn voyage. I cancelled all plans of the end of the block party to raise money for your foundation. I called my church and made sure your foundation was taken off the support list. I warned other parents of your wrath and had them cancel plans to support your bar-b-q fund raisers. 

I would love to be able to say I don't care, you can't hurt me and I don't love you. The problem is I am a real friend, I really did love both you and your wife as very good friends, I was hurt so so bad by your nasty words. I adore your kids, I still believe your kids are great and amazing and I loved to see my daughter be able to wrap her arms around Mrs. M's neck last night. My kids still pray for you and your family all the time. And finally I really could have used the words, "I am so sorry" from you yesterday.

Mom V said that its very possible that God is teaching you a lesson and I was part of that lesson.

Its also very possible that your house which has been up for sale and on the market won't sell until you humble yourself and apologize.  I would hope you have grown up and matured, learned your lesson. I would hope, but its possible after seeing you face to face yesterday and given the opportunity to apologize yet again, you still want to go on pretending.  That's too bad  because my kids and the neighbors would love some really great NEW neighbors.

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