Apparently I am funny

Very true story
 Early Today I dropped and killed my phone. It broke all open, shattering into pieces against the tile floor. I sent out an email explaining my problem. I need everyone to write back and send me their phone numbers. Of course I handed out a free pass card too. So if you never wanted to hear from me again, no response was necessary. What I got back were "you are so funny" responses, with phone numbers attached. So apparently I am funny. I don't try to be funny. I try to be honest, sincere, tender and real. What I get back is: "you are so funny".  How very odd. I think its my honesty. People are not use to honesty and when they hear real honest conversation, it strikes them as funny. I am just being honest here. Honestly I am.

Another very true part of this story is that we no longer memorize phone #'s. I can tell you my very first phone #, when I was a kid and lived in South Florida, 35 YEARS ago. I still know it. I know my two best friends phone #s because I called them ALL the time and talked their ears off. I can't tell you Military man phone #, or my dads, or brothers, or any of you. So the irony of the story is while I was at the phone store, they had to look up my husbands phone # for me and let me borrow a working phone to call him. I wanted to call and pretend to ask for a new phone. I was leaving the store with a new phone, just how much phone I was getting was the question. Ok, so the irony part is hubby doesn't recognize the phone # from where I am calling, and won't answer his phone.  So I send him a text. Then I have to call him again, from another phone (b/c I am trying out all the different phones) so I can ask him about the phone I was thinking about buying. Ok, that part was funny. So maybe I am a little bit funny. You can tell me honestly.

But apparently, I am not the only person to have murdered a phone. The phone guy at the phone center wasn't even remotely surprised. No eye raising or giggling, just typed in my phone # and started showing me new phones. Lordy lordy, there are lots of fun phones and options to choose from.
Here is my question. Why don't they make phones for fat fingers? Or buttons for fat fingers?  Who on earth has little bitty teeny tiny points on the end of their fingers to use itty bitty buttons for typing? This is the same person who invented super pointy toed high heels for women. This is Chinese foot binding.. Crazy.  I need a real keyboard. Now the new invention will be super pointy finger slippers so you can actually hit the key your trying to press.  Then they will invent finger jewels for your finger slippers. No wait, I know... instead of getting "round or squared tips" at the salon, they will now ask if you would like your fingernails filed down to thin points to use your new phone. 
My sister in love,  I will call her "J". She has the inside scoop on the salon business. I may just call her and start a new business and be the next, "why didn't I think of that" millionaire. Well, for the exception that I just told all of you. (Hope your laughing "J")

 And apparently I need to learn to use the speaker phone button so I don't drop the phone on the tile floor.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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