Greetings from the land of Schmuck

I know your thinking we all fell off the planet. I know your thinking that I stopped writing and the computer crashed and the Internet went down. I know your making excuses for me for the age of time that has come between us. I thank you for allowing me this time off and making up great excuses for me. We did actually get hit with the nasty crud that came down from planet Mars and attacked everyone you and I know.  At one point all four of us were on medication at one time and the washing machine didn't stop for about three days, cleaning up the mess. I will leave it at that and your imagination. 
So first, I have to say a happy belated birthday to my dearest friend Kim. Love you baby. She is a Christmas baby. I love to remember her and one day I will wrap up a box of crackers and send them to her.
Next I need to wish everyone a Happy Christmas, A Merry Hanukkah and a peaceful New Year.
I will share with you that its my anniversary coming up on Friday. I am going to celebrate seven blissful years married to my Military Man. ooh, I just love my Military Man. I also have to wish my friend Missy a happy anniversary, I think she has like 30 years of marriage on us, but she loves her Military man too.

Next is the clean up. I guess I should take pictures of the entire mess that my living room has become under all the toys, books, cd's, village people, video games, gizmos, pet pillows, clothes, candy, board games and little itty bitty toys that I keep stepping on.  Oh and the christmas tree: its sagging. I haven't watered the tree in about two weeks. To be honest, it stopped drinking water. It's just dropping my ornaments and gone on strike.  Its the first tree to not be able to hold the weight of all the ornaments, lights and kids pulling the the limbs to hang the advent books daily. This is the last of the fresh trees. Next year we go plastic.  (sigh)

I think I might go on strike. I don't want to clean the kitchen, or pick up toys. I want to stay in my jammies, read books on my kindle, drink lots of hot coffee, let my kids run amuck, forget to walk the dog (hey its 28 degrees outside and I live in FLORIDA), stuff my face with leftover cheesecake and rumballs, eat a box of prilosec and a bottle of tums, drink more coffee, burp a lot, write in my journal, take pictures of weird thing my kids are doing, snuggle with my dog and call people on my phone and wish them Happy Monday. 

This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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