Time to donate the toys

Three bags full.... One for the garbage -one for the school -and one for the donation pile just so we can make room. Three bags full of toys, broken, working and not played with and toys that had no business ever being made. Who the HECK thought it was a good idea to make tiny little bitty itty parts to toys and then market them to three year olds??? I would like that millionaire to step forward so every mom can slap slap slap him. I hope he steps on a billion little tacks in the middle of the night and curses and yells and he might get an idea of what us moms have to put up with with his great grand idea.

Just how many stuffed animals do you need? Apparently about 100 and then some.  I am cutting my kids off  stuffed toys, littlest pet shop, autobots or transformers, remote control cars, baby dolls, and anything with parts smaller than 2 cm.
I feel like the Grinch every year yelling, "Toys, Toys TOYS, NOISE, NOISE, NOISE.  But really, a toy racing across the hard wood floors and two children yelling and screaming after it makes it impossible to speak to the person sitting next to you on the couch.  How much does it cost to replace the echoed effect wood floors with soft absorbent carpet?  I haven't tried duct tape but I understand it is really hard to remove the residue after you  tape a child to the wall and leave them there.

This year I sent out a warning email that threatens the family of toys that are not on a pre approved list will become  frappe in the garbage disposal and then returned to them.

Nice quiet books. That's what is allowed in my house this year. So what are you asking for this year?
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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  1. It's our first Christmas with a child, and like you - I will be sending out an e-mail with a pre-approved list of gifts that we will accept on her behalf!!!!! Will be interesting to see whether or not anyone reads it though ;-)!!!!!