Halloween at Papa's House

What did you do on Sunday? We hung out with Papa. We have to use our imagination when we go visit Papa because there is no cable, no video games or excess toys falling out of the bins.  Most of the time we just visit, talk and share stories.

and laid around.

Sometimes we  read whatever was available to read, including free old magazines that Papa brings home from the clubhouse.

Its cool to watch others use their imagination and making up games.

Here Diesel Boy has decided to set up blocks in a game of Domino bowling.

After some homemade mac n cheese for dinner, the kids got dressed up for a fashion show..

They thought they were pretty darn cute.  That is Batman on the left and a  Butterfly Princess Ballerina on the right.

This is Stinker Belle showing off what her mama didn't give her.

My favorite part of this costume is the sandles on his feet.

Here are a couple of men in my life I would not and could not do without and one I could. You choose.

I met this vampire when she was four years old, now she is in fifth grade.  I should have edited this picture before I posted it  b/c I cut my father right in half... hmmm there is an idea.  Happy Halloween.

This is girl Schmuck signing off.

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