Giant talking heads

Giant talking pumpkin heads. Their named too. Gordy and Autumn. My kids have told me about these two for well over a year. They are one of the sights to see on the hayride at Burts. The pumpkins are real in the background. I find it amazing that they don't rot out just sitting up there. But what do I know about pumkins?

What do you do with this many pumpkins if they don't sell? Do you cook them and eat them, or freeze them? Do you hold a pumpkin throwing contest? Instead of apples do you bring pumpkins to the teacher instead? I am thinking target practice of somesort.  My guess is that people up here are a darn good shot and its because they are nearly out of their minds with pumpkin stuff. So to turn the tables and keep them from losing it entirely, they have revenge on the last of the pumpkins after all the tourist go home. Thats my take anyways.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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  1. How cute! All those pumpkins would surely rot down here. I remember my first halloween here in FL. I carved a pumpkin and the next day it had mold growing all over it! lol.
    Target practice with all the left over pumpkins sounds like fun!