Its Official

I have officially become OLD. Yeah, its not an age thing either. Its more of "what do you mean", "I forgot what?" kind of thing.  Lets put aside that I love to drink buttermilk and eat a high fiber diet to keep from getting kidney stones again. And its not a bedtime thing either. I am just not a late night person, never have been.
Its more of "I just don't understand" thing which isn't really saying much either if you know me.

On Monday I loaded up the kids for their dentist appointment, fought an hour of traffic going into Tampa and got them there just on time. Only to find out, the appointment was for December 1st, not November 1st. Oldness setting in via loss of memory.

Then today I get a text from my brother and he signed it, "Muah"  I seriously thought it was the beginning of the evil laugh (very brother like) and he got cut off or something. You know the evil laugh right? , "Muahahah ha ha." Now here is the thing. You can't call a younger sibling and ask him "what does this mean", because the never ending teasing would begin and he would tell everyone  that I am old and don't know what "Muah" means. And I fully believe in telling the story, but its my story and I want to tell it. So I called his girlfriend because if anyone can figure out the Russian Spy it would be dear lovely Melly.

Guess what it means? Or do you already know? Am I the only one on this planet that hates text messages and will not conform?  Its the sound of a kiss when your throwing someone a kiss. Isn't that the most precious thing ever?  Did I use the word "precious" in a sentence. I told you I was old.
My brother threw me a kiss via text message. How ever cute is that. Russian spies are not that loving and huggy kissy with their sisters, its just a known fact.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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