Preparing Hotel Schmucker

Doesn't it always seem like we are preparing for something?  Preparing children for school by sending them to preschool. Preparing dinner each night. Preparing for a big exam. Preparing for Christ to come.
As I write this I am preparing dinner, its in the oven and I am preparing for a bigger dinner.... Thanksgiving. All this preparing for a meal that my family will sit and devour in 15 minutes flat. Its not the first meal that we all  love anyways is it? Its the leftovers. Its making the leftover turkey sandwich, or heating up the potatoes and gravy and you swear it all just tastes better the second day. I love family dinners, but it is amazing how it's  leftovers and the sitting around telling everyone to "help themselves" to all the leftovers while I get to visit that I am looking forward to.
I am preparing the house. Fixing the bathrooms, OK Military man is fixing the bathrooms, I am cleaning them. We are fixing up the rooms, arranging flowers and re-arranging furniture to plan for our company. I am washing baseboards, cleaning ceiling fans and bathing the cat. Wait a minute, I don't have a cat.

Why do we do all this preparing for when company comes but not do it for ourselves? Why does the blanket on the back of the couch have to be perfectly folded? Why do I suddenly have to have 12 matching glasses to go on the table?  And if Mom comes, I have to shop for matching towels, wash clothes and hand towels.

Military Man still tells the story of the time when he was told by a certain  friend of ours that he was not allowed to bring his bottle of beer to the dinner table. He was told he had to pour it in a matching glass, because the bottle clashed with her lovely table setting. This rule only applies on three holidays that I can think of: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. 

Yesterday I ran around my house doing the "SNIFF" test. Sniff, Sniff, does it smell like dog in here? Sniff, Sniff, does it smell like dirty laundry in here? Sniff, Sniff, what the heck is that smell in here?  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE having company. I enjoy myself so much preparing for the upcoming event. I plan, I write lists, I clean, I buy little things to make my company feel more at home. But why don't I ever do this for myself? I don't. I won't, never have. I think its because I love to share. Its not really fun to eat a meal all by yourself. Its not really fun to shop all by yourself. (correction, I hate shopping for clothes and love to shop for groceries, and I love to be ALL by myself, no one is invited) Most women shop together. Not me, but most of you girls like to do that.
I love to share my home, my stuff and make my company good food. I want them to feel relaxed, enjoy the stay and take home good memories. I want them to have a "lets do this again soon." attitude as they pack up to head home.
I am a planner. I like to prepare. Down here in Florida we prepare for hurricanes all the time. So maybe its a runover of, "I need to stock up on that." Whatever it is, I am prepared for all of it.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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  1. I am the same - I always spend ages cleaning and preparing for guests, 'cause like you I want them to relax and enjoy themselves! But since Miss Lydia has come along - they have to take it as it comes! I am looking forward to the day when our family is all here, the kids are older and I can go back to being prepared once more, just makes me feel a little more in control!!!!