Feeling of Dread

I have a confession which will surprise no one. I hate car shopping. I married a man who lives for the haggle, the hunt and the find.... or Kill if you prefer. Its just a truck, car or vehicle. Let me Guess, it will have four tires, and a front seat, a back seat and a steering wheel. It will have air condition and some fancy CD player/radio with satellite option, right? It will come in some pretty color, and oh my favorite (Like I care) is when they tell me it has alloy wheels. WHO CARES. I don't. I don't even know what an Allow Wheel is. And if you do know, please don't bother me with the details, I really don't care.

Here is the rub. I told hubby, Just pick out what you want and bring it home. NOPE, I have to go test drive it. Which in my world means if we are INside it, we will come home with it. I am easy, If it drives, looks clean, and smells good, my senses go into overload, and I want to come home with it. The dealers can see me coming a mile away. I drool and pant and have to have it NOW. Again here is the rub. I want to play with the new toy, and if something doesn't feel right, we go home without it. Its very hard on me and ruins my day. Really. I hate the highs and lows of car shopping. Just make it easy on me and put a big red ribbon on it and park it in the driveway as a surprise.
Its the test driving, and sitting in the office, haggling and having to go home and comparison shop more. Or what really annoys the pants off me is to be completely ignored by the salesperson and they only speak to hubby. Hubby even tells them, "This vehicle is for my wife".  Don't you think they would want to speak to me, the person with the power, the person who makes the final say?Whatever you bring home, it will drive. It will carry me to the grocery store, it will pick up the children. It will go to the gas station and get a fill and need the oil changed.  Please just let me stay home, and bring home what you want. Its so much easier.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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