Almost had to make the call

Whew, I had a scare just now. I was typing up a post and I have the lights off. I am typing by the light of the monitor. Somehow I pressed a button, the wrong button and the entire screen reduced to the size of a pea. I couldn't read it at all. I tried pressing the "esc" button. Nothing.
I tried hitting the "backspace", "enter" and "spacebar"... again Nothing. I was not able to read anything. It was super tiny tiny. I walked away from the computer and made sure my kids were getting dressed for school and fed them breakfast. I checked on the computer hoping that it knew I had made a mistake and just fixed itself right again. No luck. No smart computer self fixing here.

I looked at the time. I started formulating the conversation I was going to have with my brother. My smarter than me younger brother. My sarcastic brother. My brother who fixed anything and everything computer related. But I really didn't want to call my brother. We have had this conversation about people who try to get free information from the IT people. IT stands for Information Technology I think. It should stand for Intelletucual Trainer or something  like Irritated Tyrant so we don't ask for free "fix my computer" stuff.  I call him the Russian Spy... because his initials are KGB.  (that doesn't relate to this story, but I thought you would like to know why I refer to him as the Russian spy)
  So I thought about calling the Russian Spy and asking him how I managed to reduce my screen size down to the size of a pea and how do I fix it. Ugh. I really dreaded the idea. Have you ever tried to explain something you don't know much about to someone, and then try to do it over the phone? Its near impossible. And its not like you can fix a computer over the phone. I thought about calling my husband at work. Yeah, that would go something like this:
"Hi honey, I managed to reduce my computer screen super tiny, the size of a pea.  What buttons to I push to get it back to normal". 
"Hey babe, I am on the roof project, the wind is blowing, peas for dinner sound great, I will talk to you later". 
The conversation with my brother wouldn't be much better. First of all because he is NOT a morning person. And second he hates when people ask him for computer favors....and it would not be pretty. It would go something like this:

"Hi little brother how are you this fine day?"
"Mg..wh?? Helllo?"
"Hey I know your super busy with fixing computers all day at work, but I somehow managed to reduce my screen size really small. Has that ever happened to you? Can you tell me how to fix it really quick? (giggling) everybody wants a fix real quick, I know I should get in line"
"What did  you F%#@(-  hit to make it small?"
"Umm... control something or another"
"So do the opposite and it should take care of it... honestly don't you think before you call me?"
"well I am not sure what I hit. Haven't you ever fixed a small screen before?"
"I don't know, maybe. I need coffee. I don't know what to tell you. Start hitting buttons on your keyboard and see what happens. Can't get much worse than it is now. If that doesn't do it, call a IT guy and shell out $75.00 for him to fix it in three minutes flat."
"Thanks for your help"
"Sure, no problem, glad to help" Click.
He is defiently not a morning person. Especially without coffee and being woken up an hour before he had to get up.... Yah, I am glad I didn't call him for real.

Well I defiently was not going to call anyone else, pretend or not. I wasn't going to pay to fix it.
So after my pretend phone call with the Russian Spy, I did exactly what he recomended and started hitting buttons, with the room light on now. Guess what? I fixed it. It was the silly control button and the dash key, or for you math people the negative sign or the line bar. So I hit the control button and the plus sign, positive, or ENLARGE button. It worked. 
I love it when my brother helps me without his knowledge.
This is girl Schmuck signing off.

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