The New Pool

Back in January when it was bitter cold...can you remember back just six months ago as your sweat drips off your face as you read this? Anyways... back then our pool started leaking. and we stopped cleaning it. Then we stopped putting chlorine in it. Not a good idea I later found out. So finally we scraped together the money and got the nasty pool fixed.

This is just after we dumped more chemicals in the pool, trying to stay ahead of the green slime.

So we got the fastest crew available. In less than 10 days they took it from looking like a swamp to swimmable again.

This is our new tile. Its green and up close it looks like there are fossils in the tile. It took us 23 hours and three hoses to fill the pool. Its a 29 thousand gallon pool. Thats alot of water.

To say we were anxious for the pool to fill up and to go swimming is an understatement.

Military Man doing what he was born to do: inspect every inch of the surface.

Finally the pool warmed up to a warm 82 degrees, 85 degrees with the pool heater and the kids ran to put on their suits.  I haven't seen them since.  Its been a week, I think they are still out there. They just come in to eat and sleep and are back out there again for hours on end.   They don't even surface long enough for me to snap a picture. They are growing fins and webbed toes.  Next it will be gills.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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