Memorial Day Flags

My neighbor did the coolest thing. She went outside in her own backyard and put up clotheslines. Clotheslines, like before clothes dryers kinda clotheslines. Ok, thats not all she did. HA, you thought that was the whole story didn't you?  She is known as Florida Mom. She has written to and adopted over 1800 service military people and sends them care packages and letters.  So every Memorial day she hangs up clotheslines and displays all her Flags. She has been collecting them for years. A few years ago a couple of yahoos stole her American flag and another one of her flags, and a group of military folks read about it in the newspaper and sent her two new ones to replace them.  I  asked permission to come take pictures and she was pleased to share her backyard with us. Enjoy these really cool pictures.
Military Man and Diesel Boy with the Airforce Flag.

Stinker Bell With Special Seals flag for Uncle Tim. 

No words necessary.

A Flag close to our hearts as are troops are still there.

Ok, Notice the American Flag? Its the Betsy Ross flag. That one and the one below it were the two flags that were given to her after her first ones were stolen by the yahoos.  This is Florida Mom and Military Man.  I love my Military Man but it sure is cool to have neighbors who know how to hang clothesline, ain't it?

If you have a Military person in your life, give them a hug for me and tell them Thanks from Amy.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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