Meme and Mia

Did you play tea party when you were little? My apologies if you had to and you were a little boy wanting instead to play with GI Joe. I never played tea party. I played with dolls, I played house and boy did I ever play with barbies and with all the Star Wars action figures. Instead of making Barbie and ken get married, I made Ken break into Barbies house and steal her corvette.  I was a realist. It was really quite fun to make Bobo fet come over to Princess Lea's house and have dinner with her and Luke Skywalker. Anyways that's as close as tea party I ever came.  It usually ended with the giant AT AT crashing the party anyways. I wasn't into parties, dressing up and wearing heels. I didn't like jewelry, make up or curling my hair.  It bored me to tears. I was really into building forts and climbing the trees in the back yard.
I am having so much fun being a girly girl now. Teaching my girl to dress up and play with babies, high heels, jewelry and of course make-up. No, I didn't say that did I? Ok, I let her wear lip gloss, and when I have lipstick on, she is allowed to kiss me and transfer lipstick to her own lips.

Oh and the dishes. I found these cute little tea party dishes at  the flea market for 25cents.  So what if they break, that is what super glue and gorilla glue is made for.  What's even more fun is to make the tea, put out plates of mini carrots, tiny dishes of peanut butter and apples. And you can't have a tea party without ants. The ants come in the form of raisins on the celery sticks... thank you very much.

We have to feed all the babydolls and then its time for...

Dress up.
I am on overload.
 WHO would have guessed?
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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