Blame the Russian Spy

This post is dedicated to my brother and my dear friend Kim and my third grade Teacher, MOM

I am blaming my brother, KGB, The Russian Spy for my "oops" last night. If you can't blame someone else what fun is that? But it really was his fault last night.  I tested for my brown stripe in karate last night. Each test consists of verbal testing like naming the kind of karate you are taking, who created it, what does "Soke" mean. Then you have your individual tests to show you know the correct  form. Lastly is the sparring part. I dislike sparring. I have to advance. I don't like to advance, I like to retreat, hide  and cower in the corner. I would like to run screaming from the room for my mommy. But I was a good sport, put on the sparring gloves and bow to Sensi. So where does the blaming the Russian Spy come in you ask? Well you have to know just a few things about our loving brother and sister relationship.

We were not always kind to each other. Actually we were more enemies than siblings at times. It mostly consisted of me teasing my brother to a boiling point and him exploding and chasing me with a nasty objects such as a knife, hammer or other larger weapon. It usually ended with me hiding or running for my life;  really into the bathroom and locking the door and holding it shut until KGB gave up and calmed down. I spent an usual amount of down time in the bathroom as a teenager.
On the rare times he did catch me it was a battle of rage, fists and feet. I always tried to tickle him he always tried to pin my legs down.  If he could grab my arm and hold my wrists with one of his huge paws, I was doomed. I would scream and cry and he would do the evil laugh, bah ha ha baah ha ha ha.

So getting back to last night. I had to advance, create openings of throwing the first punch and this time we were using legs. We had to do front kicks, round kicks and block the kicks coming in.  So Sensi goes to kick me and instead of blocking the kick I instinctively reach down and grab her foot and pull up (big NO NO) and  almost land her on her butt.  I immediately dropped her foot and apologized. She was a good sport about it and we had to stop and discuss what would happen if she (five time black belt) were to counter that move. She also had to show me that when I did this, it bend me forward, taking my eyes off my opponent.  I blame KGB. Its all the sparring we did that has taught me bad defensive moves. I told her so too. She laughed and we agreed that we will have to work on keeping my eyes on my opponent and unlearning to block kicks with my hands.

Sorry these are older pictures. I don't have any pictures of me in my uniform with my stripes because hubby couldn't make it to class last night with the camera. Hey, its all about the blame here.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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  1. Haha, I know what you mean--sparring can be awful. I'm in karate too. Luck with it, Schmuck--tip, the faster you advance the sooner it's over! Be super aggressive and you'll have your opponent cowering! Besides, you totally have the 'tude :)