Outside your front door

Hey, let me ask you a easy question. What do you notice when you walk out your front door? Ya, know when you have your coffee in your hand and your going out the front door to retrieve the newspaper? I bet its your doorstep right? or Trees, the sidewalk, your car, cars parked along the curb or neighbor watering their lawn in their pajama's? Ok, here is another question. What do you see when you step outside in your backyard or patio? Grass? more birds, your flowers or the  kids swing set and pool?  Would you like to see what I get to wake up to every single day both front yard,  back yard and to add extra fun, the entire side yard where I use to have a QUIET orange grove?  I will show you... and please do Not even bring up the dust its causing.
My back yard.

190 feet of trench for my county paid 8 foot tall privacy wall. Completely maintained by the county.

Guess how much space is between my little old black fence and the construction? Two whopping feet. Yup. Oh that is a boom, pouring cement into the large trench for stabilizing the 8 ft. wall. The building you see being erected is the home of the new electrical room and generator on their side of the wall. My side will be pretty.
Ok, so that's the back yard, lets go out front and see my pretty street shall we.....

OH look more cement trucks. And they are blocking the entrance to my street. I am the dead end. I can't go the other way. So here I sit, taking pictures of trucks. I so hope the men appreciate this post. Anybody want to sing "Monday Monday" with me?
Hey want to see my new Pear tree I planted this year?

See there it is, just to the left of my son. Oh, bother that truck has to deliver more cement, this time in the form of blocks.  Now if they could actually START building the wall it would cut down on noise, fumes, dust and sound. It would give us a bit of shade in the morning time. But no, they must be waiting for more muffins. Oh well can't have the guys going hungry can I?  Yes, of couse I have been feeding them its what I do.  Plus they promised me free dirt. Gardeners love dirt, free dirt is even better.
Well since you asked, yes, we have been praying for them, their safety and their success along with feeding them muffins. Hey they said they were going to remove my palm tree, the big dead one in my back yard for me, for free. Ok, I might need your prayers on that one.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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