Happy Mothers day to me Part I

I am blessed indeed to have fun kids. Well I taught them to be fun, however we do have some family members that help.  Here is my daughter playing in her room. She is playing "tent" or "house" or whatever she has decided to name it for that particular moment.

Why? Why? Why do we bother to buy toys when they are ever so happy to just play on the floor using their imagination?  We buy them to make us happy. To fool ourselves into believing we are a better parent for it.

This is a curtain that I hung up on the wall over her bed to pretend she had a headboard. Because we removed the headboard and are now using it as a bookcase.  She states this is her Princess Tent.  Ok I will go with that. Princess tent it is.

This is the giant brown hippo that the Russian Spy and his awesome Girlfriend, Mellycakes bought for my daughter for Christmas. He has real nostrils. Meaning my daughter can stick her finger all the way up inside of his nose.  (She is three, of course she is going to discover this) This hippo is the softest most cuddly thing but its not exactly her size. Bit too big to share the bed with at night. He takes up lots of room.

This is more her speed. This is the famous duck that she treasures and loves on. Doesn't he look like a well loved duck? I am looking forward to Mothers day. Hope you are too.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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