Busy but not forgotten

I have been very very busy with the garden, with kids with life. I would love to do nothing but sit and write fun interesting posts with comical pictures... but I live my life. Remember when I told you about Stinker Belle taking all my seeds and putting them in one big bucket with LOADS of fertalizer? Well guess what, they are coming up in droves while the ones I planted in little starter seed cups are barely alive. So I took a lesson from her and dumped all the seeds in a buckets and threw it out over some more dirt. YEAP you guessed it, beans and tomatoes and squash all coming up like they should, just random and sprouting where they fall.

I have been picking huge zucchini everyday. I have got lots of green tomatoes, they just need to ripen a bit. Been picking green beans everyday. Tomorrow I am making freezer Jam for my friend Vicki. She is bringing all the strawberries. I wanted to make some more pickles too. I love pickles.

New in my garden this year are tomatillos and swiss chard, lemon cucumbers and Ichiban white eggplant.  The eggplant I was told is very good pickled. hmmm, might have to try that.
This is just the begining of what I started over two months ago.  These plants are five times this size now.

I just had to order a new lens cap for my camera because I already lost the first one. So this has been one more thing to keep me from blogging. Oh and the six foot blow up water slide that the kids have in the back yard too. That might be keeping me a tad busy.

Well one other small thing might be keeping me very busy. I am saving money now, with coupons. I have become obsessed with finding a bigger money saving deal. That has been hours of my time in the past few weeks, but I think I am pretty much caught up now and don't need to do anymore grocery shopping for a month now (I said that last week too.) So you should see more of me now because the coupons are really just getting tired or is that me?

This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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