Happy Mothers Day MM

This post is for my friend Marshel. I couldn't find a better way to wish her Happy Mothers day than to want to share some of my life with her. We are Journal buddies or life writers or Journal buddies or story swappers or sisters who have never met. Yeah, I have known Marshel for almost four years or maybe three years and we have never physically met. We have been mailing journals back and forth for several years (I think we are up around 15) and we have spoken on the phone and prayed for each others families but we live thousands of miles from each other. But I feel closer to her some days than some I have known for 15 years.
So first I wanted to get you some flowers. This is a zucchini flower. You can eat them. I perfer not to. But I love the beauty of God's work.
Here is a Eggplant flowers. Another perfect creation from our Father.

Some pretty and tasty blueberries for your table. Thank you God for providing so much for us.

Purple rose in my front garden. Happy Mothers day, Marshel. Flowers are so awesome.

And this is a big boquet for you.  Thats my cousin Kelly in the background. She has four amazing kids herself. She said she would share this flower arrangement with you. She is a teacher also. She just finished her masters program. 

And finally Stinker Belle said she wanted to make you rice krispie treats.

She has the krispies and her duck. The rest? Well we will have to get back to you on that one.
Happy Mothers day to all the mommies I love and adore. If your reading this, your one of them.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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