The fun we do to have more fun

What do you do to create fun times and memories around your house? We design stuff. We are builders. We like to put things together, create new things.
Here is Military Man showing our daughter another way to engineer the railroad track system to have maximum height.  Please notice she has put the remote control down and content to allow it to run all by itself while she tends to her duck and her thumb.  She was only days old when she started sucking her thumb and at that time it ment I was able to sleep another hour.

Diesel Boy is just like his daddy, build it bigger and better each time. Stinker Belle is not at all interested if her doll can't have a ride.

Look like I am painting the living room doesn't it? But what you don't see is a rainy day fort.

Flashlight, ducks, pillows and blankets. Check, check and check. One cool fort that can hide us away. Like I said we like to build things.

Ok, here we are building character.  You may recognize the Mr. Potato head Easter bunny version here.

Strong characters, great friends. Please ignore that my daughter has ahold of that boys zipper.

Ok, here we are just having fun and being cute. SO super cute.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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