When you turn your back on a three year old

Today was "more planting" day.  Stinker Belle and I had to go outside and do some watering to the new seeds we planted, to the new plants taking root, then some weeding and then we were going to plant more seeds. Seems I forgot to tell her the order in which we were to do some things.
She was right next to me with her watering can, refilling it all by herself in the bucket and I had the hose watering the broccoil plants. Have I mentioned that watering is very zen for me? I lose track of time and go into "watering space". I just solve the worlds problems while I water my garden.  So I realized that Stinker Belle was in the back garage all by herself .... for about a good 10 minutes. ooops.
She was doing just fine all by her lonesome too. She found dirt, milorganite and some peat moss and was sytematically opening all the packets of seeds and dumping them in a bucket with great quantity of milorganite. The garage smelled of cow patty.. (Thats what milorganite is made from) and she was planting corn, carrots, sunflowers, cucumbers and probably a few others I don't know about all together in one big bucket. 
She was only doing what she watched me do yesterday, only in a three year old way. So I dumped the entire bucket of seeds and fertilizer and peat in the wheel barrow and added two - 40 pound bags of dirt to take the "burn" out of the overly fertile soil.  I will have lots of surprises if any of them come up as I am using the dirt to plant the roses in the front garden, and lots of flower seeds in the front garden. So we might have carrots with zennias and black eye susans with cucumbers and shoots of corn and lots of sunflowers popping up in between all of it. Makes for a fun garden. 
After that we were both pretty tired and came in for lunch. Ya, know its been awful quiet for the past 10 mins while I have been typing away at the keyboard.. Oooooh  Belle, where are you? This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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