Tie Dye with Tissue Paper

Saturday we did something new.

We always do something new when Aunt Dot comes over. She is like Mary Poppins. You just never know what she is gonna pull out of her carpet bag of tricks.

Saturday we Tie Dyed T-Shirts with colored tissue paper and used water guns to soak the tissue to adhear to the shirts.
I got the easy job; I just stood behind the camera.

Aunt Dot had to do some of this and that with a little juggling thrown in.

This is the end result before its dry.  So we went inside to let the shirts dry out a bit.

First, I did some of this with the kids and then that got boring... so....

We did some of this... and ....

....Then we did some of this...

And I love some of this.. but this doesn't last long enough.
Finally the t-shirts were dry and they looked.....

Like this after the dried paper was removed.  We also ironed them to set the color.
Girl Schmuck signing off

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