New Pictures coming.....

I have been outside outside outside with my camera taking pictures pictures pictures. I have pictures of my garden, my kids, my house, playground, and even pretty toes. But I haven't had time to download and edit b/c it was spring break. And I was playing and would come in and just too tired to do anything but eat, shower and fall into bed. I just planted chunks of my sweet potatoes that were sprouting. I did lots of transpalnts and tried blubs for the first time this year, gladiolas and dailias. Oh and weeding. Boy have I been weeding. Why does the frost kill out all my beauties and the weeds just keep on thriving? Didn't God have something to say about how we always toil and fight in the garden because of Sin? I still have to put the two purple rose bushes in the ground. I have so many seeds still left to work on getting planted. I am going to try and have a garden through out the entire summer. I ususally give up about June because its so hot and the bugs and weeds just take over, but I am going to try  a bit more each year. So this post is just to let you know I am working behind the scenes getting the photos together. Sometimes the photo inspires the blog and I have no idea what I will say until I start looking at them. Ok, the girls are taking a nap and I am going to sneek outside and snap a few more photos. See you very soon.
Girl Schmuck signing off.

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