Are you getting more forgetfull like me? Can't remember what you forgot, you only know you are forgetting something? Forget the lists you make? Forget where you put the lists? Do you forget to remember to remind yourself to do something later? Forget to turn off the stove? Forget to pick up the kids from daycare? Forget to pay a bill?
Have you ever swore you will not forget.. only to have someone remind you that you said, "I won't forget"?

Have you ever forgotten to Play?
Yes, Play?

You just are going along in life and one day something triggers the thought, "I use to do that". 
What makes us forget to play at what we love to do?
We need a push. To get started again we need a little help in remembering.... how to ..Play.
Seems easy enough.. yet..

 We begin to feel unsure of ourselves and hesitate at claiming our Playtime.
Its needed ya know.

God wants us to lift us up and allow us to heal and learn to play again.

We will smile again. We will laugh again. It is Gods promise. He promises to wipe away every tear.
He always keeps his promise.
Just knowing this brings a real smile to my face.
God Never Forgets.....How to love
How to live
How to forgive

Kinda makes you want to go outside and play huh?
Pretty soon you don't need no more pushing.


Maybe you have forgotten how to drive?

Ask God

 Ask God to steer.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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  1. Enjoyed your post...God is the best driver!Thanks for visiting my blog, today.
    Maybe you can find some use for all those rocks in your garden. :)