Mother Nature's Candy

I just ate my first tomato sandwich of the year. I came home from karate and not really sure what I wanted for dinner and spied the last tomato on the counter and a loaf of fresh baked bread. I am in heaven. Why don't I eat more of these? The sweet mayo and the juicy tomato with salt and pepper on nothing but white bread. Some of you are cringing at the thought. Your turning your nose up and thinking "YUCK!!". I say, "GOOD", more for me. I didn't include a picture of this sandwhich because its just so simple. The fresh tomatoes just look so good. They satisfy a sweet tooth, really they do. I have given up coffee but not tomatoes.

 But what I will tell you is I am on a bread kick. Last night I found a book called "Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day"  Here is the link so you can get your own copy. 
I found it by reading others blogs. Now can I just tell you about how much I love bread? It goes along the same lines as Toby Keith's song, "I love this Bar". 
I love bread, I hate making it. Until now. All these food blogger, food photographers are talking about this amazingly easy bread to make. So I folded and bought the book on my kindle and stayed up late and read. I Strongly urge you to read read read the direction first first first. I sorta did, and my bread sorta came out, ok. Then I went back and read the introduction like everyone said. You are not suppose to use bread flour, you use all purpose, you don't put in 1 1/2 teaspoons of yeast, you put in 1 1/2 Tablespoons of yeast. (same goes for the salt) So tonight my second batch looks and smells so much better. I will photo my yummy loaves and make your mouth water.

So I have enough for four loaves in the refrigerator. YUM. And so this brings on why I had a tomato sandwhich tonight. I made it on yummy homemade bread that took less than an hour of my time to make and bake.  All it's goodness then I dipped it in Newman's Own  Parmesan and Roasted Garlic dressing.  As the juice ran down my chin I knew summer was here and it tastes so much better than raiding the kids Easter candy. So here is my deal with you. Call me up, invite me to dinner and I will bring the homemade bread. Ok this is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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