How to eat Easter Candy

The Easter bunny hid the childrens baskets, so they had to hunt around the house for them. Of course they started hunting before the break of dawn, so mama schmuck was snapping pictures before coffee. So not fair.
So I thought I would share with you on how your to eat your Easter Candy this year. This is brought to you by one chocolate lover that will not eat the foil wrapped easter eggs (waxy overly sweet with weird chocolate flavor), only Herseys for her, thank you very much. I haven't even started her on the dove chocolate yet...

Ok so we started with "find your basket", now we move onto bring it to the table and begin opening it up and everything in it. Notice Diesel boy with the lollipop sticking out of his mouth?  Its not even daylight yet.

Put your bling on and make sure you look good for the camera.

Shove about 8 M&M's in your mouth keep your hand at the ready in case any try to fall out.

Deep Breaths, feel the bliss taking over the nervous system and releasing endorphins.
Go to your quiet place. ahhhh

Grab a few more M&M's before you begin to come down, take yourself higher on the chocolate rollercoaster. Discover you can not speak while inducing "Chocolate Bliss"

Keep the pace up by feeding yourself one M&M with each hand. While one hand feeds, the other hand grabs another.

As you chew, pour out more mini M&M's and begin the process all over again.
And then last but not least......

Grab a basket and go outside in the backyard for an Easter egg hunt to load up on more chocolate.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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