My Christmas photo

Posted by PicasaLast night we went to the crab shack in New Port Richey. It was a long wait so I am glad that I brought my camera, as my kids were playing/posing in front of this giant metal crab sculpture. Then a nice person came and offered me to allow me to be IN the photo. I threw the strap around her neck and jumped up next to the crab. She took about 5 shots and this one is my favorite. So I think unless I get a better on that this is going to be our christmas photo.  Stinker Belle was being so good for not feeling well. She was hanging tough and told me she didn't want to stay home. Here are some more photos of our 2 hours at Crab Shack. Food is great and I would recomend the conch fritters. Oh, I plan on writing to my senator and calling my congressman because they stopped carrying the chocolate dipped key lime pie. That did not make me happy.  But my camera did.

My kids loved this shark with the foot and fin hanging out of its mouth. Stinker Belle told her daddy, "I need to touch the leg".  She did.

OH MY I am in Love.

Can this get any sweeter?

Uhm, Well Yeah it can. These are the fritters I was telling you about. They have a strong onion flavor and chewy conch pieces. The sauce tastes like catalina dressing with lots of hot sauce added. Very sweet and hot. I hope these are in heaven. When I eat them I am all floaty and feel like singing. I have to eat them very fast...

..........Because Military Man is on the other side of the table and eating them too. Why didn't we get two orders? Ok this is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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