Stick out that tongue for serious work

Yesterday was Field Day at school. This is my Diesel Boy in the baton pass. Unlike me, yet like Grandpa that tongue has to stick out when serious work comes about. Does it make them concentrate better? Does it move blood faster to the brain? Does it just make you breathe easier? Perhaps run faster?  Where does this inherited characteristic come into use?? I am certain its inherited and not learned.

Yesterday was a good reason for me to try out more options on my new Canon Rebel.
Guess what? I was not the only mom out on the field with her Canon. Nope. I was about one of four in just the kindergarten section of the field. I think I am seeing the difference with the Nikon vs the Canon people out there. Most of it I believe is cost because each of them are amazing cameras.
Tonight I will be shooting again. We have been invited to meet our GrandMaster of the Karate that we participate in. We will be seeing his private home dojo at his New Port Richey home (think karate kid, Wax on Wax off) We will be watching the black belts training tonight. Our teacher is a student of his. But before we do that, we are going to visit the Crab Shack on US 19. YUM. Military Man and I had a date there a few months back and I love the outdoor dining, the seafood and the chocolate dipped key lime pie. They take the the entire piece of pie, freeze it and then double dip it in dark chocolate. I promise, I will take pictures of it tonight. YUM.
So what is Military Man doing while I punch away at the keyboard?  He is digging. He is digging up the flower bed because we have roots (pronounced 'ruts' if you live in Michigan) growing into the garage wall and when it rains, the walls weep and flood my garage, running down into the cellar. Again if I have said it once I have said it maybe three times, Florida homeowners should not have cellars. For now the date nut palm tree stays.... Ok, I have just made myself hungry.. need to go have a snack. This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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