Picnic on the beach- Part I

We decided to have dinner at the beach. Its a bit of a drive and too cold for swimming but we could wade and collect shells and watch the sun go down.
We left the house about 3pm and got there about 4pm. I packed up cold fried chicken and subs. We had lots of time to fool around on the beach before the sun went down. So we started with playing chase....

....with the waves. Fun in the sand. Run up, run back. Work up a good appetite kids.

Stinker Belle gets a lesson from daddy on how to shuffle your feet so not to step on a sting ray.  Poor daddy got stung later by a jelly fish. Bad Jelly.

Not exactly warm water there Diesel Boy... He is a boy, can't stay dry if he is anywhere close to water. Good thing I thought of this a brought a change of clothes for the kids. I should have brought their bathing suits even if the water was cold... they are kids.

After our running, playing, swimming, we decided to eat our simple dinner right on the beach. In the background you can see the three story Hurricane Resturant. You can't tell it from here, but its packed. Its  a 2 hour wait. Snow birds from every continent come to this beach. I must have heard three different languages as I passed groups of families. Its all good. We felt like kings and queens of the sand.  Food was awesome.

With our energy restored we needed to dance to the steel drum playing up the beach a bit.

Papa even got in on the dancing while we walked and walked up and down the beach. We discovered you just can't have a bad day at the beach, even with a mild jelly fish sting.
And we also found out the best place to go find the biggest shells. This is just a quarter of our shells. We truely felt rich with our finds. 
More Pictures tomorrow of our fun.
Girl Schmuck Signing off.

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