My Family, La Familia

Sometimes we need to remember that its not just who we are but those around us help shape us into who we are.

You have already
met my honey, love of my life, Military man. (Sigh)
And you know Diesel Boy and Stinker Belle....
And this here on the left is my Papa.
He looks good in his hat don'tcha think?
But there are four more that you have not been introduced too. These four keep me ever so humble. They don't let me get away with nothin'.
I will start with the Russian Spy.
Here is KGB with a few of his fans.  All children love KGB.  KGB has many faces and disguises. He can make you laugh....

and then, there are times he can kill you with a single word.
such as seen in this picture here below..
Here he has made Brother Ace choke with his quick wit and sharp tongue.

 KGB will walk away and leave you to die in fits of laughter.
Poor Ace, gasping for air, breathe Ace breathe.

KGB preys on the young...
and bribes them with gifts. Notice the blue eyes and the smile? They are definetly related.

...but he does love the women in his life and showers them with goodness.

Sometimes he likes to live on the edge...
Sometimes he has bent a few laws and has been known to talk his way out of a mess. I think KGB borrowed this outfit from someone...I wonder who?

But mostly he is a fun loving Uncle
I think he is showing Diesel Boy his impression of Popeye.

His goal in life is "to be the favorite Uncle".  He doesn't have to try very hard because he has a natural silly side which all children love. They love Uncle KGB. He is a better uncle than a brother.

This is Tiny and Papa. Tiny is a Firefighter.  Tiny was my favorite brother when I was younger because we didn't live in the same house. (Its easy to love someone when your not fighting over the same bathroom) He also wants to be the favorite uncle and showers the children with way too many gifts. His heart is in the right place and wants to make everyone feel welcome.  He is our soundboard, our tenderheart and he can build things too.  Extreme silliness runs in this side of the family and oh boy can they get silly. Oh, Not sure if you can tell but He also has the pretty blue eyes. Out of all my family, including my husband and chidlren, I am the only one with brown eyes. So moving on....

This is Birdie with his daughter. Birdie has the Irish laugh and a nose for mischief. Notice the beautiful blue eyes again?  Birdie has lived in California and then flew over to Hawaii and lived there for awhile and now he is home again with the 'rents.

Ok and last but not least is my brother Ace.

KGB, Ace and Papa.

Actually this is a timeline if you ever saw one. They are identical triplets with 25 years between each of them, give or take a few. Ace is our Flyboy. (I have a special place in my heart for our military, especially flyboys) Ace has all kinds of fantasic stories of things he has done and places he has lived. He has a fantastic fun laugh that will make you laugh even if your not in the mood to laugh. If any of us try to get out of line, and belive me we do try, Ace is there to straighten us out. He will give you the shirt off his back, but only once. He always does the responsible thing..yeap you guessed it, he is the first born.  And that is my family. I love them all. Well sometimes...
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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