In the mood to show off?

Have you ever been in the mood to show off? My kids like to show off for the camera at times. And then other times they refuse to look at the camera. I remember thinking that same thing when I was a kid.  "Come on mom, stop taking so many pictures!!"  So here are a few pictures of some things and animals that did want to show off for the camera and didn't mind me getting up close and personal.
This first one, is a Peacock. And I was told you can't say "male peacock", because it redundant. I was trying to show off of how I knew that only the male birds get to be the showy ones and the females are brown and not so dressed up. But I have been informed if you are referring to a Female, its called a Peahen.  But you can't say, "Female Peahen", because then its being redundant again. Of for goodness sake, just look at the pretty peacock and in your prayers tonight tell God He (wait, is that redundant?) did a good job.

I love birds and this guy was really ok with me getting up close and personal. HE said that this was HIS best side. Have you ever heard a Peacock yelp, or call or scream? They are Loud, very loud. They are louder than roosters.

This is a wild flower that grows in the fields and along the roads. Its very tall about 6 ft or taller.  This particular one is near the bus stop so I decided to make good use of my time. I have no idea what my son was doing, but when I pull out my camera both kids start walking away from me.

This is hubbys homemade pizza. He made the dough, rolled it out and then made a meat lovers pizza. It was good except for the meat. I like veggies on mine. The kitchen lighting is Horrible and makes everyone and everything look yellow.

My finger??
No, my fig tree with its first fig of the season. Its a brown turkey fig tree. They are so sweet. Fig trees do well in Florida, so if you don't have one, go buy one. And if you don't like figs, the tree is pretty anyways.  They also make great gifts, the figs or the fig tree.

My finger again?
No, this time its my chickasaw plum tree with my first discovery of fruit on the tree. Its three years old. Its a native to Florida. The fruit grows to be a bit bigger than a dime. They produce runners, so you will get more trees if you want them. If you don't want them, call my husband and he will mow over them and kill anything in a 12 foot radius of the area. Grrr.. anyways....The fruit will bring  wildlife into your yard.  We have wild turkey. Birds  love them. The deer would enjoy them if I had deer. We have raccoons, oh dear.

Why do people hate dandilions? You can eat them. You can eat the leaves. They are so yellow.  They are so beautiful. They don't grow in my lawn, (hubby wouldn't allow it) but they are in the fields and they are so pretty.  I think I am going to look up a recipe for danidilion salad, and give it to hubby for dinner.

Spring is here and this is one of the pretties that is showing off in my front garden. I don't remember the name of it. But she didn't mind posing for the camera. I don't think you can eat this one, well you could try, but I don't think I will. I will just allow her time in the sun.

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