New Camera is here

So yesterday I sat around the house waiting and listening for that big diesel engine that belongs to the big brown truck. Did I ever tell you I backed up into one of those trucks? Well thats a story of "How I am a bad driver", for another day.  Finally at 2:04pm ----March 25, 2010
Please pay no mind to the weeds
sitting on the walkway that I should have picked up three days ago.  Hey at least I got out there and pulled them up.

Wow TWO boxes.. How big is this camera??

I didn't even close the door, I just told Ted to set it down on the floor. I was SO excited.  (isn't everyone on first name basis with their UPS guys and girls?)

Oh my Is it really true? Can you pinch me? I feel like I am a dreaming.  (btw, I did really dream of taking pictures. Really, ask Military Man.)

Well here it is, now I have to go get that battery charged and read the manuel (LOL) and sign up for class, and oh yeah the other box,  Well that was for my son's birthday. Grandpa and Uncle Brat sent him a real nice gift.. Too bad our pools broken.

So as I was driving down the highway coming home from grocery shopping I was noticing all these hills that I wanted to drive up and park and take my new camera. Does that ever happen to you? Do you notice something new because something else new brings it to life? Those hills, old farmhouses and crumbling barns were always there, maybe even an eyesore. But someone gets a new camera (me) and suddenly I am seeing them with fresh eyes as a great photo shoot.  Tomorrow I have a birthday party in a very dark Alley... A bowling Alley. I am not so sure of myself taking shots in dark Alleyways but hey, I will have a back up.... Other moms with their cameras. I hope.  
Forgive me if you see a mispelled word here. Somehow I have managed to deleate the spellchecker button and all friends, teachers and well anyone with a college degree knows I am the worlds worst speller. I was taught to spell with phonics.. sounding everything out. Ok, I digress (did I spell that right, probably not) Anyways, apologies for the bad spelling.   Thanks for everyone who is leaving me comments. Ok this is Girl Schmuck signing off.  

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