I took this picture. I hiked 3/4 mile up a steep incline with two small children. The children thought it would be fun to run up the hill, in the rain, splashing in the mud puddles. When I look at this picture it reminds me that sometimes we get a great picture even when we are not sure what we are doing. It also reminds me that I want to shoot better pictures. That's the reason I am enrolling in a class to learn a bit more and practice, practice, practice what I learn. And finally it reminds me to play like a kid.

I am turning 40 in a few more months. I am really looking forward to it and expect somewhere there will be fireworks. I celebrate my birthday like I celebrate life.... all the time. There will be no black balloons, "over the hill" mentions here. No jokes about candles burning down houses, getting old jokes or "can't get around like I use to" talk.

Ten years ago when I celebrated my 30th birthday it was just that.... A celebration of my friends, and their friendship. I gave gifts to them. I had kids and adults, juice and beer, cake and real food, indoor and outdoor, games and giveaways.

Last year I sent out a huge email thanking my friends and family for making my life/birthday celebration more sweet. I found my first real silver white hair and celebrated that too. I have been looking forward to 40 as much as I was looking forward to 30. But the past ten years have been even more so incredible. In ten years you meet a lot of new people, but you also have to say goodbye to several too. I lost some really great ones, well the world did too. All the more reason to celebrate with them now. I have been working up to this big 40 and planning too. More about birthday celebrations and party and friends later....

I started karate with my son. At first I was intimidated and felt out of place being the only one over 10 years of age in the class. But now I have a few weeks under my belt (and a yellow stripe) and loving it more and more. And YES I can kick higher and harder now than the 10 year old. I have found out that I love being with kids because they are not afraid... and will try anything. So I allow myself to follow they lead at times. Kids keep it light and always want to have fun. They don't take it too seriously and love to hear praises... hmm another good reminder to tuck in my belt.

My new Canon Rebel EOS T1i will be here any time now, its my birthday gift. Its my first DSLR. So I will be enrolling in another new class, feeling uncomfortable again because I don't know squat about ISO , F stops, bouncing light or bracketing... but who cares.? I am going to be 40 and I want to celebrate the new things in life. Plus I want fantastic pictures of my 40th birthday party. Pictures of my cake, of my friends, of the balloons and the drinks we will share at the restaurant. Oh and I am going to Party....like a 40 year old....and be in bed by 9 o'clock. ok, this is Girl Schmuck signing off.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! And your attitude about turning 40, which by the way I just did this past October 29. I like getting older but the big ones like 50 and 60 might scare me just a little. The hardest thing is watching my family age with me. Especially parents.
    You are an awesome mom of 2 beautiful kids and I am so proud of your decision to take karate! You go girl! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I appreciate it, and look forward to visiting yours often!

  2. Hey, Aimster! The beauty of a digital SLR is the AUTOMATIC setting. I shot film for 20 years, and loved setting apertures and shutter speeds myself. I've had my DSLR for three or four years now and still haven't figured out settings . . . but my pictures freaking rock. :) Have fun!


  3. Jodi, Yeah, I found you, or you found me. Now how do I link to your blog to follow you since we have different blogs?? I am so not a computer person... But hey I am only turning 40 not 80, I will figure it out. thanks for leaving me a message and connecting with me again.