Dumb dog giving me the

puppy dog face that

I can not say no to.

Some days, like today was one where I would have given you puppy dog eyes. It started rough, got tougher and ended smashing great. I have the world greatest husband. He truly gets it. All of it. He understands the dog days. He knows when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. And what I mean is he knows when to hold me or the kids and he is great at folding the laundry too.

Hubby, aka, Military Man is truly my dearest companion. I have and need my girl friends and there is no substitute for Dotti or Lisa when I need to have a sounding board. But hubby and I are like a puzzle pieces, we just fit together just right in every sense of the word.

We happen to run out of milk this morning for breakfast. So I took the half and half and added water to it to get the kids just enough so they could eat their cereal. I have waffles, eggs and could have made them french toast... but no they had to have cereal this morning. I was nursing a major sinus headache which two Advil and two Tylenol were doing nothing to help. Sucking down coffee, listening to kids complain about funny tasting milk, my daughter started complaining of pain. I had to take Stinker Belle for yet another doctors appointment. Turns out what she complained about was not the problem. Or, it was not the biggest problem. The real issue was the nasty ear infection and pus oozing from her left ear. And here I thought she was just being a cranky three year old. It took myself and the nurse plus the doctor to hold her down while they cleaned the ear canal, just so the ear drops would go in. Have you ever had to hold down your child? You will work up a sweat; to say nothing of your heart ripping to shreds as you hear them scream, "MOMMY"

Hours later after running to the store for milk, bread and medication, preparing lunch, running out for dog food, pine bark mulch and a few plants for the garden; (not necessarily in that order) I just did not have the energy to make us dinner too. Good thing I am smart enough to know that I was on empty and picked up a roasted chicken. The day continues...

Go home administer medication, prepare quick lunch
Nap time for both mommy and Stinker Belle.
Work mulch into dirt, plant new veggies so we can eat fresh
Pick up children from bus stop and daycare
Greet hubby as he walks in the door, grab keys and fly out the door with different child than the one I spent the day with.

I came home to hear happy screams of "MOMMY" and to a prepared meal of a salad, chicken and rice and peas. I wish I took a picture of it but I was so ravenous, I just consumed it......ooops, I just remembered ...... I forgot to say Grace too. Lord forgive me, its just been a long day in Schmuckerville. OK this is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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