Sunsets are Florida Fall Colors

Sunsets are Florida's Fall Colors. We just don't get enough cold weather here to turn leaves those awesome shades of orange, yellow, pink and red. But we do get some really great sunsets even when your 30 miles inland from the beach. This particular picture is in my front yard. The storm has just passed over and the clouds were clearing and this awesome display came out to play. I am so glad God loves to dip his paintbrush and create images such as these.

This awesome shot is down on the beach of St. Petersburg Florida. We were going to the Hurricane restaurant for dinner for fried grouper sandwiches. I was standing on the sidewalk and this is the sand dune built up to protect the beach sand and sea oats. Just over the top can you see how still the water was. It was low tide so there was no wave action.
OK, lets go get our seat outside on the patio and watch the sun go down. I am hungry. (when am I not hungry?)

Low tide is one of my favorite times because you can discover all kinds of animals and shells and run through the shallow water. In the summertime the water temps get up to 86 degrees and this cause good environment for hurricanes... Hence the name of the restaurant.
I am actually sitting at the outside dinning area at the Hurricane restaurant eating my fried grouper sandwich and every few moments I snap another picture as I watch it disappear below the ocean.
Living near enough the beach that you can go visit but far enough away that you don't pay heavy taxes, or extra Hurricane insurance is nice.

Finally the sun is gone for the night and the purple haze moves in.

I love this picture. It still captures the sea oats growing in the dunes. I was still across the street so the zoom of this camera is pretty good.
Ok this is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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