The bug battle

Living in Florida is a constant bug battle. We have bugs year 'round.  The fire ant who never really dies, but moves deeper in the ground to only reappear is a nasty little biter. The mosquito, breeds in the smallest amount of water, shaming the blood sucking vampires.  There are crab spiders and banana spiders, but they don't count as bugs do they? My long time nemesis, the pantry moth has made me take new drastic measures.
I purchased pantry moth traps. They work great. Thousands of them go in there to die. Unfortuately, they are all males. The trap entices the male moth with female scent. I don't knnow how it works, but it does. However, this method leave the pregnant females to still breed in my pasta, rice, cereal and spices.   I purchased these great see through plastic bins with seals around the top. I paid loads of money for them. For awhile they worked great, but given enough time the pantry moth has yet again figured out how to invade my space.  I have put food in a ziplock bag and then in the plastic bin, and nothing works,  those buggers are still breeding in my pantry.  Today I take drastic measures.
Now after 7 years of battling this critter and losing pounds of flour, bags of unopened pasta and rice, I am moving forward to a new vacuum sealer food saver. It remove all the air from the product so they critters can not penatrate. This is a double blessing because we here in Florida also battle high humidity and our pantry items go stale very quickly.  I have ordered the new food saver. I will let you know how it goes. If you use one, I would love to hear your success or failure stories. Hints and tips on using it would also be welcomed too.
Girl Schmuck signing off

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