Spring Break 2012

Spring Break seems like weeks ago doesn't it?  It seems like it was months ago. In fact just 35 days of school left in the year for us. I am sure all you teachers NEVER count the days like the kids do huh? Well here are some things we did over our very busy busy week. It was not a week off, but a week on. As in, "It is on." We were so busy, we needed to go back to school to get a break from our break.
Warning, this post has no point other than to point out all the different directions our lives go.

I think people are interesting, and in a safe open car lot such as this, I just had to go talk to this guy.

He has traveled in my town, in this grocery store parking lot for years. He travels all over the southeastern USA, maybe he has come to your town?

His name is Jerome and he likes to talk and speak the word of God. He didn't ask me if I had received the Lord as my savior as I expected him too. Matter of fact, he didn't talk to me,  just quoted scripture nonstop for five minuets straight.

Yeah, everyone has a story, but he didn't want to tell me much of his story, so I lost interest and went grocery shopping.  Guess he wasn't so interesting after all?

We got a new doggie. His name is Bandit. He is eight years old. He is an Australian Shepard. We love him, he loves us. I need a bigger vacuum cleaner for all the hair.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight? Military Man is building me a new garden wall. Its actually all done, completed... but those pictures are still on my camera.

Diesel Boy sanded down the front door and then Military Man stained it and got it looking all brand new again. The after pictures are on the camera.

We somehow got to Seaworld and Clearwater Aquarium to see Shamu and Winter the dolphin. I took picture of the kids, not the animals.

And I may have gone a little overboard on shopping for Easter Dresses with matching shoes for the girl child....

Well that's enough for now. Have a great week
This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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