Organize and Simplify in the year 2012

Organize and Simplify is our marriage motto for this 2012 year.  AKA.. "We have too much stuff and need to move."  If you are frequent mover, never staying in one place more than two years you understand. The longer you live in one place the more Junk you collect, keep or just ignore. We have lived in this house for six years and we are still getting rid of boxes of stuff we never unpacked.  Throw it out.!!!
 For example:  How many cell phones have you owned in the past five years? Ok, now how many cell phone chargers are floating around your house? At least five or six that don't fit your currant phone right? Throw that crap out. Of course if your like my friend Robin, she still lives in the 19th century and only has a house phone.. no cell phone. Therefore this is not for you folks like her.  I have a broken printer right now under my desk. We have old film cameras and even digital ones we never use anymore. Donate it, throw it out or use it. 

The problem is Hording. You think you might use it again or someone might need it so you hold onto it for them. My dad falls into this category. I have warned him if he brings his stuff over here thinking I can use it without me asking for it.. I walk it down to the curb. Bye bye.

Maybe you will understand this one? You buy something on BOGO (buy one get one) you store it in the back of a closet or under the sink. You forget you had it, and you buy it again the next time you see it on sale. Six months later you open the hall closet and 14 bottles of shampoo fall on you. 
I went to the bargain store to buy more organizers for my "too much darn stuff" problem. See already I have to lug home more crap to organize the crap I have. (sorry for saying the word crap mom)

I have a serious Tupperware addiction. My father keeps cottage cheese containers, Mom keeps Cool Whip containers. I am not like them, I throw those out. I buy the expensive real stuff. I like exactly the right container for the exactly the amount of food I am storing. I have two huge deep drawers dedicated to just storing my Tupperware. So I cleaned it out and made sure all bottoms had tops.

Next I tackled my space under my bathroom sink. I put all the nail polish and emery boards in one container and placed it in the hall closet since I don't paint my nails. I put all the feminine stuff in another lidded container. Extra shampoo, toothpaste and spare toothbrushes all went in their boxes. WOW that was so much fun. It feels like you have really cleaned the entire house. Sometimes it can feel like Christmas when you find crap you forgot you had and can really use.  It would be really great if I found a brand new I-Pad that I forgot about.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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  1. I am also a hoarder, and the daughter of two hoarders... these are also my goals for this year. You must've been reading my mind ;-)!