Small town vs. Big City

I love our small town. Small towns are really into big events with focus on the family. Last night we went to our Church Street Christmas Walk. Its on Church Street. It is named this because that is where all the churches are... on church street. Small towns are smart like that.

Every house and church is decorated. The churches have music and live nativities. People hand out free hot coffee, hot chocolate, mulled apple cider, candy canes and lots and lots of birthday cake.

This is what sometimes happens to a face after eating hot chocolate, sticky candy canes and chocolate birthday cake.
That ain't dirt on her face.

The live animals were great.

The wise men walked about the street holding treasure chests, asking if you wanted to see what gift they brought for the Savior. The heavenly hosts were singing, proclaiming the good news to the Shepard's. The Shepard's where wandering up and down the street following a star... looking for a savior. All the while the streets were packed with visitors coming in to be counted for a census. It was crazy fun.

Miss Little Bit herself took this picture of me. She did a fine job if I say so. 

This was inside one church. They were taking family portraits for free for anyone who wanted one. We were clearly NOT dressed up for pictures. We kinda decided to go do this last minute.  
A really nice guy came up and asked if he could help take the picture. Little Bit responded as only a five year old can, "I can do it myself". And she did.  

Merry Christmas from our Family to yours.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.


  1. Merry Christmas Amy (and family)... hope you have a blessed time!

    Man - that looks like fun :-)!

  2. beautiful. thank you for sharing :)