Christmas EVE with the Schmucks

I have seen where others call it Wordless Wednesday. Bloggers post pictures and allow the story to unfold without typing anything. I think that is a good idea, except I don't know how to stop talking.  And today isn't  Wednesday so it's not gonna happen. So here is Christmas Eve with the Schmucks 2011. 
Waiting patiently while Grandmas decides who gets to open the first gift.

Big hugs for getting us exactly what we asked for.

Girl Schmuck and Diesel boy. I have a smaller double chin this year than last year.

Little bit could not wait to get home and tell her baby doll Rose all about going camping and show her the new dress she received.

She is so easy to buy for. I just buy her stuff I want to play with too.

Stay tuned for the big Christmas day spectacular event.. coming soon.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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