Schmuck Vacation Final Edition

Military Man and I love to drive. A senic drive through the mountains will just make my day. It's just what we do.  On this particular drive, I was driving, which means I am in charge of stopping on a whim. Military Man is not a stop and look kind of fella. He is much more of  a ...well.. a Military Man. Distance, Mileage, time, speed and the most direct route is where his mind is. Me?  I am the complete opposite.

So as I approached this beautiful covered bridge, I hit the brakes and parked the car. Military Man was not happy, but I think it had more to do with it being private property than me stopping to take pictures. I have a back up plan if I am ever asked to leave private property. It goes along the lines of fabrication. Sorta like sewing but stitching together a story for those asking questions about why I am on their property. I will just tell them, "I am taking pictures for Pixar's next movie shoot of a real live new Bambi movie, and if they choose your site you could earn thousands of dollars in just a few days of shooting."  Now I have never had to put the plan into practice, but I think if while I am telling the story and slowly moving toward my car and getting on the road.. it will hold up.

This is the top observation tower of the Incline Railway in Chatanooga. They say you can see five different states from this point. I couldn't see the dotted lines separating the states like on a map so I couldn't tell one state from the other.

Ok, pay attention. This is the Incline of Incline Railroad. It is straight up. And at the very bottom dead center of this picture is the railroad coming straight up the mountain. See it?  Let your eye follow the line all the way down the mountain to the top of the picture to see the small town of Chatanooga below. Chatanooga is not a small town at all, but here it looks really small, kinda like the small town I live in.  It is a pully system of cables that pulls the train up the mountain and slowly releases  it to the bottom. Its goes very very slow. Wild. Just wild.

Civil War History Lesson. I am standing in front of a old cannon. The End. This is the begining of Point Park and they do reeactments of battles here. What battle and Generals and other details will have to be collected on your own visit as I was dealing with two small kids who had enough and wanted to go eat lunch. But before I completly caved in to their demanding I snapped this picture for you.

Read carefully, it says FOR not OF.  You might just need to know that  in your lifetime. Like for Triva Pursuit. Does anyone play that game anymore? Am I dating myself here?
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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  1. Hahaha! I so get the 'driving' thing! But we're the opposite - I grew up with a Dad who went from A to B as quick as possible, Luke likes 'the journey'! So we often stop as we travel - esp before Lydia arrived! Initially it used to drive me crazy, but I learnt to appreciate it (Mum is very jealous, as she also is one who likes to stop)!