Little blue spots on my finger tips

Well it's been two weeks since my doctors appt. Today is check in day to see if they like the numbers my blood glucose have been at since I started the new medication. I don't like the numbers. And this morning I noticed little blue spots on my finger tips. Bruises. My finger tips have bruises from getting pricked so many times. I have ten fingers, and about six of them have spots. Time for a new finger.

So the changes I have made are: Exercise. I exercise every day. I eat everyday so I have to exercise every day. Low cardio workout. Walking for 30 mins more or less. That and the elliptical machine. I have a love hate relationship with the elliptical machine.

Food changes: No bread, no crackers, no cereal, no pasta, no rice and no potatoes. Yes to meat and veggies. But just now, I  tested my blood sugar and two hours ago I had a protein shake.. my meter was blowing a 243. UGH. How frustrating. Do I have to eliminate milk from my diet too. IS Lactose (milk sugar) that awful for me right now? Really.?? Why doesn't cheese do that to me? 
This is why I gave up some many months ago. I couldn't figure what the heck to eat and not eat, so I just stopped caring and ate whatever I wanted. Now, I could be two steps from the hospitals' front door. (Did I use that apostrophe correctly? I think I did.

Food and exercise journal: My new Lifestyle journal. Everything that I put in my mouth gets written down. All the exercise too. All my Glucose numbers go in there. I am determined to be happy and healthy and not in my power or strength.. But to lean on God and His understanding. He will make my paths straight. Proverbs (sorry address escapes me at the moment. but its chapter 3 or 4 or 5)

Purging the Pantry: Can someone please come over and help me get a box of stuff together to donate to the food pantry? Or  just a hungry person. I have lots of bad choice food in my house. I have been buying tons of good food, but the bad stuff is still there. Its not bad for you. Its just bad for me... the diabetic.

Healthy choices for my kids: I have to realize I am their biggest influence right now and so I have to teach them to make healthy choices. We are having success in small steps and it will get better as the junk food leaves the house.

Getting Military Man on board: We try to be positive with each other. As the chief cook and grocery buyer I can control what MM eats here at the house. What I can't control is his choices when he goes out to lunch. But he is inspired to get on the tread mill and work out. He is disciplined enough to not sabotage his own plan with poor choices.

Attitude: My attitude was super great this morning until my numbers came up this morning. When I hit a high, I hit a low. Meaning I feel very out of control (food issues?) and very perfection-ish wanting to have numbers like 75 for fasting and 120 for after breakfast. I get all excited and then BLAM high numbers... and I want to sling the meter across the room and hit it with a baseball bat and eat a doughnut. I won't. I want to. But I won't. 
I see the meter as a police officer. I like police officers for the most part. I don't like when I get caught speeding in a school zone and get hit with a $300.00 ticket. After you get the ticket and you get back on the highway, its sorta deflated your day. You don't really enjoy the rest of the ride. That's the best way I can explain it.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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