You know that dumb list that keeps working it's way around the internet? The list that says two things and you have to pick one, like bagels or toast?  Well I hate those irritating lists. They tell you absolutely Nothing about the person who sent it to you other than they have too much time on their hands.  A friend on mine on a Christian Journaling group decided to ask us to do a list but you can't just answer with one word. You have to write and give details and descriptions.  That kind of list is informational and interesting to read. I woke up thinking about this cool list so I am particaipating and sharing this with you.

I am in awe by others who take fantastic pictures.  This picture was captured by my hubby up at the cabin last week. This is the front yard. The deer are so comfortable to just sit and wait for the deer feeder (wood box in front) to be filled. 

Wildlife: I am a lover of God's wildlife. I grew up traveling around the USA every summer. I can identify tons of Florida native and non native birds. I understand hunting, but could never harm an animal unless I was truly starving. I would sneak leftovers from dinner to hungry stray dogs. I once caught fish in the lake and feed it to the strays that were left in the campgrounds. I worked in a kennel for a year and fell in love with every animal there. I was permitted to take a small kitten home that had a deformed leg which was scheduled to be put down just because of her disability. The vet charged the lady for euthanzing and then let me sneek the kitten home.  She (I named her Miracle) was adopted out at 10 weeks old and lived a great life.  I love to see wildlife in nature. I can stand still and watch nature for as long as they will allow me to.

Restaurant's: We don't really go out at all. I cook every night of the week. For Christmas my dad and brother gave us gift cards to a restaurant. I should have specified this year because we got one that is OK, but the one place hubby and I really like is Cracker Barrel. It just fits us. Its a piece of my childhood I like to capture. The only other food we go out to eat is Sushi. Did you know that sushi does not mean raw fish? It means "With Rice" . You can get cooked fish sushi. There is a roll here called the Tampa roll. Its fried grouper rolled in rice with mayo and onions. Its our favorite.

Movies, books and authors: I can't think of names of books or authors and the last good movie I would recommend is Blindside.

Places to live: I would have a really hard time leaving the deep roots I have with friends, church and family here in Florida. As much as I dislike the heat, I would probably stay here. Now when we retire we have lots of plans for road trips. But if I could live in some other state it would most likely be North Carolina.

Places I want to visit: I want to see Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. I want to take my kids to see the grand canyon and Washington DC. I want to travel the west coastline again into Oregon and show my kids and hubby how different the West coast is from the East coast. I want to show them the Statue of Liberty. I want to go cherry picking in Michigan. I want to visit the wide open plains of Oklahoma again. I want to show the kids Texas and the great sights of route 66. I want to see the Cape of NC and the lighthouses. Oh and eat all the foods that are local to the area.

People who have inspired me: It goes without saying GOD is the biggest and best influence of my life. My mom. She taught me if you fight for the right and good thing, you may change a small thing that may have a greater impact on others. She taught me to treat people with great kindness, not just being polite to their face. She taught me to change your tone and your posture to help sway an argument. (I tend to be loud and in your face, but its not always the win/win situation) My friends, My really good friends, the ones who have been with me for years have influenced me. They can speak the truth to my wrongs, love me even in my faults. I am a better person for them. My Military Man has definitely influenced me. Just by his example and his leadership, I have been influenced to make better choices in my life. I find my kids often inspire me too. That has been a fun discovery.

Teachers: I love teachers. I am deeply influenced by teachers to this day. I am amazed at their ability. I am not a teacher. I am better person for knowing I am not a good teacher. I can remember all my elementary school teachers. My third Grade teacher and I are still in contact. I am dear friends with a number of teachers. I try to say special prayers for all teachers, not just ones in schools. I learn still from teachers around me. I love teachers.

Favorite Food: I love seafood. I love a big pot roast on a cold day. I love a thick soup on a rainy day with a fresh loaf a bread. I don't really need dessert but I love homemade oatmeal cookies or homemade chocolate chip cookies. I use to love cheesecake but even that has somehow not so big deal to me anymore.  My favorite thing to drink has be ice water right now b/c of the heat. Everything makes my tummy hurt if I drink too much of it other than water.

I am a dog person. Cats can be fun too but I prefer dogs. I love lap dogs. Put your head in my lap and I will love on you. I love a dog that plays and had personality. I love their eyes. They communicate with their whole body. The tail, ears, eyes and butt waggle that shakes their entire body. Just think if you had a person that did the "Dance" they do every single day you walked in the door? I have done that to people before. I have jumped off the couch and greeted them at the door, thrown myself at them with lots of attention. They are never sure what to do. I explain: I am giving you the happy dog greeting and glad your home because I sure did miss you. Try it sometime. Its great fun.

The hardest lesson I ever had to learn: I can't save other people. Ugh. This is a lesson I still fight today. I want to change other peoples bad situation. I want to fix the problem. Sometimes I have to put a bit of space between someone and myself when I realize the person continues to make poor choices. No amount of money, cleaning, or me doing things for them will change them. The strongest place for me to be ... on my knees in prayer for them. It's the hardest battle I fight today.

Things I love: I love people. I am a people person. I love to talk with people, visit, share, create, explore and study with people. I enjoy people.

I hate crowds or long waiting lines. If I am by myself it's better, but usually I have two small people with me. Trying to keep track of two small people in crowds and waiting in line with them is not my idea of fun. If I walk into a place where the lines are really long or the check out is a dozen people or more, I turn right around and leave. I have no time or energy to stand in line.

The one thing that I can not tolerate: WHINING. Oh I will do anything to stop whining. If I have to throw something at you (never have yet) I will. I have a sign in my dinning room that says, "There is a five dollar charge for whining." It's worse when adults do it. The sound goes down my spine and I have to make it stop. I have left stores when I hear small children whining. I have been known to whine. Thank goodness there was one of those good friends I was telling you about earlier that stopped me in my tracks and said, "stop whining, I have heard enough, I do not want to hear about this every day when you come home from work" Praise God for honest friends. And you know what.. I needed that.

I developed an idea for the complaints of coworkers and I would like to share it with you. I found it really empowers the complainers and whiners in your life. And it stops the whining.
Tell the complainer that if they have a real complaint, one that really needs change then they have the right to express it only after they come up with three possible solutions. When they have thought about it, they should share their complaint and  possible solutions (with you or others) and  working together to take the problem higher to resolve the problem. IT works. It really does work. It works because it changes the mindframe of wasting energy on complaining and gets them to work on a solution. Change happens with one small step at a time.  This also works with kids.

Ok thats my list. Hope you enjoyed it. I had a blast writing it.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off


  1. Surely you'd want to visit beautiful New Zealand also! Oh - and meet me and my gorgeous family!